The Fund for the Advanced Study of Gender, Women, and Sexuality

This Fund, endowed by Professor Barrie Thorne  in Fall 2010, will support graduate student research in women, gender, and sexuality studies.
The Fund will be used to support high-achieving graduate students attending the University of California, Berkeley who have demonstrated a commitment to the study of women, gender, and sexuality. Funds will be used for such things as summer funding, travel support and dissertation fellowships.
Gifts up to a maximum of $250,000 from current and former faculty, current and retired staff, currently enrolled students, and surviving spouses and partners of faculty and staff, will be matched under the Chancellor’s Challenge program.
Once this newly established fund reaches maturity, grants will begin to be distributed. We expect that to be in 2015. A call for applications will be posted when ready.

Support Us

Make a gift to the Department of Gender & Women's Studies!

Your donation could make it possible for a student to attend a conference to present his/her work, to cover transportation costs for an undergraduate interning at a local non-profit agency or to help bring a feminist scholar from the Global South to campus to speak to our students. Even small contributions will help support the basic operational needs of our small but vibrant department.

You may direct your gift to: the Chair’s Discretionary Fund used to address urgent needs (on the Give to Cal website it is known as the Department of Gender & Women's Studies Fund); to Undergraduate Student Support to provide financial support to our students; or to the Fund for the Advanced Study of Gender, Women, and Sexuality to support graduate research. You may indicate a designation on the giving form.

Contact the Chair of GWS if you wish to discuss possibilities for a major gift.

Thank you for helping to support feminist studies at Berkeley!


History of the Department

The field of gender and women's studies emerged from the contemporary feminist movement with the initial goal of bringing women and their experiences more fully into knowledge. The Berkeley Women's Studies Program was founded in 1976, bringing scholars from many different disciplines together to introduce the subject of women into serious academic inquiry. Our courses have long considered the position of women throughout history, across the world, and in different economic, ethnic and racial groups.

Affiliated Faculty

GWS/DEWGS Affiliated Faculty
All of the faculty listed below are members of the Graduate Group that
oversees the Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender and Sexuality -- DEWGS.
African American Studies
Brandi Wilkins Catanese
Percy Hintzen
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