The award-winning research conducted by faculty in the UC Berkeley Gender & Women’s Studies Department has played a formative role in shaping studies of gender and sexuality worldwide. GWS faculty at UC Berkeley publish across disciplines (including sociology, ethnic studies,film
studies, rhetoric, and anthropology), use an array of methodological approaches, and take a variety of geographical, theoretical, and historical perspectives while remaining grounded in political exigencies.Our research thus embodies the diversity, multi-disciplinarity, and political commitments that characterize the field of Gender and Women’s Studies.

Taken together, the research published by UC Berkeley GWS faculty has made, and continues to make, particularly distinguished contributions to feminist and queer theory, transnational feminist studies, postcolonial studies, critical cultural studies, science and technology studies, and many other ways of framing knowledge production. It has also influenced art, political, and popular culture practices.

The dynamic research conducted in this department is additionally characterized by creative approaches to knowledge production. Faculty have introduced innovative and influential research methods and frames of analysis that tend to emphasize connections between theoretical critique and political/cultural action. Our research thus continues to contribute prominently to critical thinking about - and to complicate understandings of - gender within the most pressing issues of our day such as the transnational flows of capital, people, goods, services, media, information; scientific knowledge production; and historically-specific questions of identity, survival, and resistance as shaped by uneven structural power relations.

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